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KOBELCO Welding Products and Services

KOBELCO Welding of America is a leader in the flux cored stainless and carbon steel markets. It has become the industry standard. KOBELCO and Gas Innovations have multiple full time welding engineers on staff, working closely with each customer to find the right product to fit the right procedure.

Distributor Support Programs

Kobelco Welding Products

  • Weld Metal Qualification Procedures
  • Weld Chemistry Test
  • Assist Distributor/Customer Weld Procedure Qualification
  • Hands-On Distributor Training
  • Distributor Target Market Prospect Development
  • Filler Metal Cryogenic Testing Stainless Steel -320 F

Carbon Steel Flux-Core Products (FAMILIARC)

  • DW-50
  • Frontiarc – 711
  • DWA-55ESR
  • 81T1 Ni1 (TRUSTARC)
  • 81B2/91B3 Chrome Molly (TRUSTARC)
  • MX/MXA200 E70T-1

Metal Cored Wires (FAMILIARC)

  • MXA-70C6
  • MX-A70C6LF

Seismic Wire (FAMILIARC)

  • DW-50S meets AWS D1.8 & FEEMA 353

Carbon Steel Wire (FAMILIARC)

  • MG-51T

Duplex Stainless Steel (PREMIARC)

  • 2209
  • DW-2101 Lean Duplex

Stainless Steel Thin Guage Flux-Core (PREMIARC)

  • DWG-308L
  • DWG-309L
  • DWG-316L

Stainless Steel Flux-Core (PREMIARC)

  • DW-308 / DW-308P / DW-308H / DW-308L / DW-308LP
  • DW-309L / DW-309LP / DW309LMo
  • DW-310
  • DW-312
  • DW-316L / DW-316L / DW-316LP
  • DW-317L
  • DW-347

Lean Duplex Stainless Flux Core


  • DW-2101

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Full Service Welding Lab Houston

  • Provide Welding Engineering solutions to our Distributor’s customer’s industrial problems.
  • Value added support to you and your customer in Development of Weld Procedures, trouble shooting, shared proven existing welding parameters on file.
  • Customer Assistance available for easier conversion from competitive accounts to GSA.
  • Common Flux Cored Welding Concerns: Can help optimize your flux cored welding process variables.
  • Evaluate your current welding parameters and techniques.
  • Help eliminate common welding problems and discontinuities such as those listed below:
    • Undercutting
    • Excessive melt-through
    • Incomplete fusion
    • Incomplete joint penetration
    • Porosity
    • Cracks
    • Slag inclusions

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